Becoming a Member


At the beginning of the semester, Triangle hosts a rush week in accordance with the MSU Interfraternity Council. During rush, men who may be interested in Triangle can meet members and learn more about the fraternity at our events. Upon conclusion of rush week, prospective members will receive a formal bid if active members vote that they would like them to join the fraternity. The bid is an invitation to become a part of Triangle Fraternity.


If the prospective member accepts the bid to become a member of MSU Triangle, he will become a pledge. The pledge during the semester will learn the values of Triangle through the New Member Education Program. This lasts multiple weeks, and it is very beneficial for building brotherhood within the new member class and with the active members of the fraternity, while also teaching new members the history, values, and goals of Triangle.


At the end of the pledge process, if the pledge proves he is worthy of brotherhood, he will get initiated as a brother of Triangle and become a part of the 29,000+ member organization, including active members and alumni.