Triangle Fraternity

Michigan State University

Who We Are


Brotherhood is the closest form of fellowship a man can have. One of the most recognizable aspects of our chapter is the strong bonds formed between each of its members, united by the precepts of Triangle. A common thread between all of the chapter's diverse membership is that of the rigor and challenge of a degree in the area of Engineering and the Sciences. Mutual support is strong between members through the good times and the bad, whatever the cause for celebration or distress. A unique aspect of the MSU chapter is their formation of a internal mental health support group, because mental health is one of the hardest thing for men to discuss; yet your brothers are there for you to open up to and find strength in.


The Brothers of MSU Triangle pride themselves by partaking in all that a large university has to offer. Our members are involved in IM Sports, academic organizations, professional organizations, entrepreneurship, and various other clubs. Our Brothers earn quality internship and co-op opportunities in their respective fields all across the United States, some even studying abroad. Our social presence involves participation in Greek community events such as Greek Week, and hosting social events at our house. Doing right by our community is important to the balance we strive for, and thus we're involved in Greek community philanthropic/community events such as Relay for Life & Safe Halloween; our house philanthropic events benefit Habitat for Humanity.


"In order to have a better world, we must first have a world of better men." - Herb Scobie minn32

Above all, the Brothers of MSU Triangle pride themselves in their adherence to their precepts in order to make the world a better place for their fellow men and women. One of the values an undergraduate Fraternity experience provides a man is that of character development, and Triangle emphasizes this. Our esteemed member education program is a model system looked at by other Triangle chapters for guidance, as it places emphasis on the practical aspects of becoming a member of the Greek community.

Contact Information

Garrett Thornsberry - President
Grant Johnson - Executive Vice President
Bijan Masrouri - Administrative Vice President

Evan Brook & Brooks Reno - Recruitment Chairs
Drew Daily - Social Chair
Ben Buscarino - Webmaster

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